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Visiting loudspeaker factory : Grand Inter Product

The audio industry in Thailand nowadays is being progressed in both its marketing and production. Varieties of Thai Speaker brands are becoming more well-recognized in speaker market. These products are more various ,better quality, and often better than many imported brands, mainly due to the continuous development and improvement. This focus allows them to reach the market requirements and customer needs in keeping up with the rapidly progressing technology.

When it comes to audio products in Thailand, there are many types of speakers that can be successfully produced domestically. Some critical components of the speaker considered as the heart of the audio system, however, needs the special care and skill to be produced. The quality of sound from the audio system mainly depends on the speaker quality itself. To produce a nicely qualified speaker is not an easy task ; there could be many difficulties faced in the production process. Many domestic companies also face the competition from imported speaker companies, therefore, there are less speaker companies in Thailand compared to other markets. Among the speaker companies , Grand Inter Product or GIP stands prominently out of the group.

GIP is one of the leading speaker producers in Thailand which produce many good quality speakers to compete with and conquer other companies in the domestic market. The customer feedback from users is very positive that is influenced from the care taken in each stage of the production process. GIP has always focused on producing its own basic components to decrease the parts purchased from overseas supplied. This allows GIP to control the component quality to meet their production requirements. Regular product improvement and quality control is the most important factor in why GIP has become more accepted in the Thai audio industry.

GIP is managed by Khun Saksit Sa-ngiamsri ; the founding director who has been managing GIP since 1999. The Absolute Sound and Stage Magazine has visited the factory to view the speaker production process of GIP. Khun Saksit Sa-ngiamsri ; the factory pioneer has told the story about the company history, personal biology before starting GIP, and the idea of the company operation from the past to present. We would like to share views and opinions on doing business before showing you his work.

First step in Audio Business of Khun Saksit Sa-ngiamsri :

Khun Saksit was familiar with audio work as he had worked in his family movie projection business. Having experience with the quality of speakers he went on to study Electronics of vocational college where he also had a part time job projecting movies. Unfortunately, this movie business was not successful so he headed to Bangkok. Initially, he worked in sales and subsequently moved on to the movie projection instruments business so he made some useful contacts. Later, he started to sell speakers together with projectors and with his previous experience in movie projection businesss enabled him to offer good advice to clients.

Having many years experience in selling, Khun Saksit had an idea to make his own products to sell. By experimenting to produce many kinds of speakers,he then tried out the market seriously in 1996. He started from the speaker model ST 2601 considered as the very first product under the name GIP. His method of production started by ordering the needed equipment from the factory, and assembled the parts at home by himself. He started selling initial products to acquainted customers, and followed by the speaker 15”, 18”, 20” accordingly. Its quality was not good a first. After having received many good comments from customers, he has always improved his products in order to raise GIP to be one of the top speakers companies in international market. Believing that the success in audio system must always be from the good quality of the speakers, he then finds the ways to make his speakers be used in the music business. If GIP speakers are accepted in the music business, they surely can be used in any other business. Many useful advice from the people in music business, has enabled him to produc the suitable good for the music business. To improve the speakers more successfully and to maintain the GIP standard , he needed to listen to the experts in music business for 30%, from the speakers users for 20% , and for the rest he produces in his own way. The good quality speakers according to Khun Saksit idea is not just to make sound but to make true music. Then, they have to come with good bandwidth which the big amount of sound information should be sent out in order to make the best sound quality and this is the first priority of GIP. For the durability of the speakers, Khun Saksit believes that Thai people are quite the regular careless users. Therefore, the procedure of production must be specially taken care of in quality and the durability. To ensure on this, he sometimes join the speakers competition, and the result made him no doubts in his speakers’ quality.

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